Marinakis pledges support to Greek wildfire victims

25 July 2018

by Andy Pierce and Harry Papachristou

Published in FINANCE

Greek shipowner and football club owner Evangelos Marinakis has dipped into his pocked to aid victims of wildfires in Greece.

Marinakis has combined with Olympiacos FC to donate EUR 1m to help relive those impacted by the disaster.

Bank accounts have also been established for those wishing to donate to the cause, Olympiacos said in a statement.

Greek authorities have said the body count has reached about 80 and may rise further given that dozens are still unaccounted for and several people may yet die from their injuries.

In what some media have called Greece's Dunkirk, coastguards and small boat owners played a vital role in evacuating hundreds of people who had rushed to the beach to seek shelter from the flames.

Several other companies and organisations, including the Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS), pledged to provide aid to fire victims.

"We'll try to provide succour to our unfortunate follow citizens who suffered a double blow from the raging fires -- losing both their loved ones and their homes," UGS president Theodore Veniamis said in a statement on Tuesday.

As TradeWinds has reported today Greek ferries rushed to rescue of dozens of people who were forced into the sea by massive forest fires.

The ships plucked at least 56 fire people out of the Aegean, some of whom were as far as five nautical miles off the coast.

The rescued have told stories of selfless acts by ferry crews, some of whom jumped into the sea to save them.

This is not the first time Marinakis and Olympiacos have stepped up to support victims of a disaster in their homeland.

Last year they helped to coordinate relief efforts in the Greek town of Mandra, which has been left devastated by deadly flash floods.