Evangelos Marinakis was the dominant figure in this year’s Piraeus City Council race, topping even his first place finish in 2014.


A Piraeus Victorious City Councilman for the last five years an the  leader of the city’s famed Olympiacos FC, Marinakis again place first, but with nearly 2,000 more votes than five years ago.

With all the preference crosses counted from the City Council contest, Marinakis, running on the Piraeus Victorious ticket, personally garnered 15,816 votes, compared to the 14,010 votes he had received in 2014, when he again placed first among all candidates on all Piraeus mayoral tickets.

With an extra 1,806 votes, Marinakis was the clear leader on the Piraeus Victorious ticket.

The residents of Greece’s largest port city clearly appear to have embraced and rewarded Marinakis, recognising his personal contributions to the city for which he has always shown a passionate dedication.

With Marinakis’ unequivocal backing, the administration of Mayor Yannis Moralis managed to make Piraeus a city that caters more to the daily human needs of its residents even as the unique historical and cultural aspects of the city were highlighted.

Major public works that improved daily life and changed the face of the city were completed and some are still in progress.

Among the noteworthy historical monuments created in Piraeus with personal grants from Marinakis were the sculpted bust of Greek Revolutionary War hero Nikitaras, the major monument in memory of the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Turkish genocide against the Pontian Greeks, and the statue honouring the unknown and unsung Greek sailors who conquered the world.

Vangelis Marinakis’ passion for Piraeus and Olympiacos was clearly recognised by the citizens of Piraeus, who rewarded him with a record number of votes.